Memorial Ceremonies

Sarah Port

Independent Funeral Celebrant

Zoom funeral ceremonies and guided memorial candle lighting ceremonies are now available. 

Memorial ceremonies can involve many members of the family and friends who are unable to be together in these difficult times.

We can light candles together and feel the sense of unity and togetherness that we seek, as a natural part of the grieving process, with guided candle lighting ceremonies.

Getting together as a community at the time of a persons death is one of the seven purposes of a funeral.

This technology helps to create that feeling of togetherness and contributes to the place of closure we all seek whilst having the chance to support each other. Unity and strength in togetherness.

Bringing comfort to the bereaved in times of extreme social distancing.

The full moon on 7th May 2020, the ‘flower moon’ as it is referred to sometimes in North America, because of the abundant May blossom was a significant day for those of us at the candle memorial Zoom gathering. The lunar cycle has an emotional influence which some of us are more aware of and more in tune with.

This extraordinarily ethereal photo was taken in Hong Kong by Kirsty, not long after the candle memorial gathering that special, magical, full moon day.     

Hong Kong bathed in the light of the full moon

Using Zoom, the business conferencing tool, that so many of us are finding invaluable during lock down, funeral ceremonies can be transmitted from our elegant rooms.

The ceremonies we have held involve different members of the congregation reading, PowerPoint presentations showing photographs, playing music and hymns for everyone.

I have been testing different set ups at our premises for remote ceremonies.

Holding candle memorial ceremonies is a great comfort.

These images show a group of celebrants demonstrating how a ceremony can look on Zoom


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