Green Fuse

What is different about Green Fuse trained celebrants is the emphasis on working with each family to create a beautiful funeral ritual, that feels just right and honours the sacred moment.

On my path to becoming a competent, independent Green Fuse Trained Funeral celebrant, I am pleased to have attained a good understanding of how extraordinarily unique the Green Fuse training is. 

 A ‘Green Fuser’ will go beyond the mark, surpass expectations and excel in their vocation.

It takes six months to study and assimilate the information and skills required to become an exemplary independent celebrant. Qualified with the correct balance of empathy, compassionate understanding and the appropriate combination of skills to help guide the bereaved create the ceremony that their loved one deserves.

Learning in small groups which accentuates the almost one to one teaching, participating in workshops and practising peer supervision, studying and submitting the necessary coursework to achieve the qualifications; only those with a dedicated wish to pursue funeral celebrancy as a career would take on the commitment.

 Each module of the training course focuses on different areas covering all facets of being a celebrant.

An understanding of the history of funerals, is the background to comprehending how death is viewed within society today and how the views of today’s society have evolved. Increasingly, today, there seems to be a greater desire to celebrate significant events in a more personal and meaningful way.

Over two thirds of people in the UK are neither formally religious nor humanist, but these are still by far the most common alternatives given for leading a funeral ceremony. Most people have their own personal mix of beliefs and values and a Green Fuse trained celebrant will work closely with the family to design an individual funeral, whether spiritual, agnostic, religious or atheist. Family and friends can participate to a greater or lesser extent as they want. A Green Fuse trained celebrant weaves together the appropriate blend of material to respect the wishes and beliefs of the person to produce a specially crafted funeral, one that is tailored to the requirements of the family.

 The structure and flow of a funeral ceremony is an aspect of immense importance. The emotional journey that is experienced when saying goodbye to a loved one must be handled with loving care and the rite of passage that accompanies death must be respected. A poorly structured funeral ceremony can be detrimental to the emotional well-being of the mourners and Green Fuse trained celebrants are very well aware of the importance of guiding the family to complete the necessary emotional transitions. Giving the family the chance to say farewell and the opportunity and to feel a sense of calm, completion and that they have done their best is a privilege and a skill. Family and friends must feel that they have given their loved one the deserved send-off.



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