Green Fuse Funeral Celebrants Guild

Green Fuse Funeral Celebrants Guild

Membership: all practising celebrants who have successfully completed the green fuse Funeral Celebrant’s Training

All members pledge to abide by this code of conduct, by which they agree to:

1.Act to a high standard of professional and personal conduct in their capacity as a celebrant.

2.Work closely with their clients to write and deliver an appropriate and well-structured ceremony according to the reasonable wishes of the client, and which accurately reflects the life, character, beliefs and values of the person who has died.

3.Endeavour, where practicable, to have a face-to-face meeting with the client before writing the funeral.

4.Give due consideration to the needs of each ceremony and to write each ceremony script as a unique ceremony.

5.Use best endeavours to provide the client with a written draft transcript of the ceremony prior to the ceremony if they would like to see one, and take into account any feedback.

6.Encourage and be open to the participation of family and friends in the preparation and delivery of the ceremony.

7.Respect the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the person who has died and reflect these in the ceremony, and not promote their own beliefs in any part of their work.

8.Provide accurate information concerning the services they offer, the prices of the services, and responsibilities accepted on behalf of clients.

9.Liaise efficiently and maintain good working relationships with other professionals to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony.

10.Deliver the ceremony to a high professional standard and within any prescribed timescale, as far as that is within the celebrant’s control.

11.Respect and take reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality of all information received in the course of their work.

12.Carry professional indemnity insurance.